Voicing issues through selfless service to create a united community



June 2020
Press Release: As Sikhs it is out duty to stand up to oppression and injustice everywhere it may exist.



May 2020
Covid19: Evidence gathering: Survey to capture thoughts and perceptions on COVID 19.

Sikh Elders

Seminar & Workshop

November 2019
Sikh Elders: Evidence Workshop: To gather data on social isolation and loneliness for the Sikh Elders Service (Touchstone).

Emergency Response

Terror Awareness

September 2019
Emergency Response Training: Enabling community to plan for a terrorist incident.

Home Office

Voluntary Returners

March 2019
Home Office: Voluntary Returners: Working with MHCLG and Home Office to raise awareness of repatriation process.

Hate Crime

Seminar & Workshop

February 2019
Hate Crime: Seminar & Workshop: Raising awareness and evidence collation of experiences of Sikhs in Yorkshire.

Mental Health

Seminar & Workshop

June 2018
Mental Health: Seminar & Workshop: Discussion on mental health issues with mental health agencies and gathering views from Sikh community.


Leeds Arena amends policy

December 2017
Kirpan: Leeds Area Policy Alignment: Ensuring Sikhs are allowed to wear their Kirpan and changing policy

Our mission and values

Develop Influential relationships that make a positive difference to people’s lives

Through selfless service we aim to promote and give the community a voice on issues that affect not only Sikhs but the wider community, this will make for a stronger, compassionate and united community.  

Sikh Alliance of Yorkshire (SAY) is a volunteer based organisation that wishes to serve and champion the rights of the Sikhs and wider community of Yorkshire. Our primary purpose is to give the community a voice on national and local issues and a point of reference for those that wish to engage with the Sikh Community.


Touch hearts by serving with love and courage


Inspire and nurture the human spirit through education

Aspiring to be the voice
of Sikhs
in Yorkshire

With a mission to improve lives through healthy conversations and recording data, we can learn, implement, and become advocates for a safer world.

Thought contribution

Everyone’s voice is important, we must listen to all points of view as that is what makes the fabric of our society.

Policymakers, key-workers and the public

By working with the community in partnership with policymakers we can make change.

Evidence based solutions

Evidence based data is the best way to find solutions.

Community is what we are all about, join in and let's make change together

With a mission to improve lives through working together, our most urgent need is to bring additional resources so we can grow our programs and our team. Help us fundraise to enable more work on behalf of the community.

We are looking for new members who are willing to work together.

Who are we

Dr Jasjit Singh

Research & Policy lead

Inderjeet Kaur Hunjan MBE


Dylan Singh Bhandal

Communications and Engagement Lead

Harnek SIngh

Community Liason

Parmjit Kaur Bhupal

Health Policy Advisor

Simran Kaur Bhogal


Rashpal Singh




Touching hearts and minds